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2 min readMay 7, 2021

No voice should be censored, suppressed, or cancelled simply because the voice offers a different perspective or opinion that isn’t trending on mainstream media. That’s the beauty of our country. It’s the ability to have freedom of thought and expression. Too many times have the online tech giants stifled voices and opinions that they disagree with.

The New Internet CEO Elizabeth Heng became passionate about this topic when she ran for Congress in 2018. She told the story of how her parents lived through the Khmer Rouge’s regime in Cambodia where millions of people were killed. They have an incredible story of coming to the United States as legal penniless refugees and achieving the American Dream. Yet, someone at Twitter and Facebook didn’t like that message and censored her. She spent weeks fighting back for the right to tell her family’s story instead of campaigning.

Had she not been running for office, placed this on the national spotlight, her voice and her family’s story would have been silenced. How many voices are taken away because they weren’t able to get the same attention? Every voice matters and one voice censored is far too many.

Stories like this is why ‘The New Internet’ was created — to regain our Freedom of Speech

NO tech giant should ever have the authority to determine whose history lives on.

The New Internet is a censorship-free browser and plugin that allows users to overlay comments on any social media page, news article, or webpage. It will provide users the power to publicly defend their positions, thoughts, and opinions. It will allow users to counter argue potentially biased news articles. By having authenticated users, it is our hope that people will be more thoughtful in their responses when they can no longer hide behind fake online profiles.

Join us and our team to fight back against censorship so that we can reclaim the right to freedom of speech, freedom of thought and our truths.



The New Internet

The New Internet is an encrypted internet browser that does not track, spy or sell your information. Coming Soon: TNICoin #Cryptocurrency