Crypto is Giving Power Back to the People and why Freedom lovers need to Double Down with 💎🙌

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2 min readMay 20, 2021

Crypto is making China run scared, and frankly, they should be. Centralized control is the demise of a free and open society. China sees Crypto as giving power back to the people and views a decentralized financial system as a threat. Therefore, it is upon freedom lovers to ensure that we fight back against countries like China and centralized authorities who seek centralized control.

Even though China made headlines and caused the Crypto market to briefly dip after their announcement preventing financial institutions from accepting Crypto, the Crypto market quickly bounced back. This shows how Crypto will never be centrally controlled by China or any other ‘authority’. The backlash was swift and China had to clarify that it did not ‘ban people’ from buying crypto but banks. Their ploy didn’t work, because this platform is truly for the people. #WinForFreedom!

James A. Garfield put it best, ‘He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation.’ This is understood all too well in places like China, Russia, Iran, Cuba and North Korea. Centralized rulers will do anything to maintain power and control.

Governments control people through inflating to deflating their currency based on politics. For example: propping up a country’s currency to make better trade deals or artificially making people feel richer prior to a Presidential election. It’s horrifying how governments will wield power at the expense of those they claim to represent and protect. It is disturbing that places like the United States are beginning to trend in this direction.

Due to the pandemic, the United States government just printed trillions of dollars (to show you visually — that’s atleast $1,000,000,000,000 x some #) which is going to create hyperinflation. This is all about those in power trying to keep control at the expense of the people — you and me. We are about to see the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Bitcoin is tied to servers across the world. There’s no centralized authority that controls the mining (though we’ve learned there are limitations based off of energy resources). I believe that innovation in Crypto will quickly address these limitation — which highlights the beauty of freedom. When we have all of the best minds working across the world to build a freer society where we are not controlled by any one entity, the world can solve some of the biggest challenges.

My advice to you — double down. Fight for freedom. Don’t let China and all of the financial ‘gatekeepers’ tell you how to live your life and spend your money.

Elizabeth Heng



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